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Match Plus

Match Plus Match Plus - Click blocks with matching colors to remove them. The goal is to get the most points by clicking as much blocks at the same time as possible. If you hover with the mouse over a block you can light up and remove the blocks that are on the left, right, top and bottom if they are the same color. That means that maximum amount of blocks you can remove with each click is five, the minimum amount of blocks that need to connect is two. There are some power ups like bombs that remove a horizontal and vertical line of shapes and color-bombs that remove all pieces from that color. There's no time limit so relax and think your moves through. Different game modes have different rules.

Normal: Just click Play and start out with three colors of blocks, remove them on a smart way to get the most points. Use power ups to make sure you don't get stuck.

Clear 100: All hundred tiles of the game are darkened, remove the dark covers by matching blocks. Try to clear the board with the least amount of clicks!

Click 100: You have only hundred clicks to get a good score. Remember your points will go up if you make larger combinations, power ups are there to save you.

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